Our Team

FlorentinaSterilization Tech, Dental Assistant, Reception

Florentina is a Certified Sterilization Technician at MC Dental. Born in Romania, and living in Italy for over 15 years, she finished her Highest Education/Bachelor’s Degree in Phytotherapy/Holistic Medicine in 2003. Her passion for the healthcare field led her to continue her studies in Canada, becoming a Certified Medical Device Reprocessing Sterilization surgical instrument and GI/Gastrointestinal equipment, in 2018. With over 5 years hospital experience as a MDR Tech, she is helping her team by improving patient services, efficiency, and productivity by successfully managing sterilization protocols. She is also up to date with IPAC courses and current public health recommendations for disinfection and sterilization.

As a Floater, beyond the Sterilization process and reception duties, she enjoys receiving and chair assisting patients with compassion, empathy, and professional appearance. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, reading, walking, dancing, and of course, everything related to nutrition and natural medicine.