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Every member of your family deserves to have access to quality dental services regardless of their age or oral health needs. At MC Dental, we are very happy to offer comprehensive dental services to all our patients and their loved ones!

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Family Dentistry in LaSalle

What Exactly is Family Dentistry?

Family dentistry is also referred to as general dentistry, as it encompasses an extensive range of services that can help patients – from infants to kids, to teens, to adults – preserve and improve their oral health, including the function and aesthetics of their teeth, gums, and related structures.

Described below are some of the many duties of family dentists:

  • Dental education

Your family dentist in LaSalle educates and therefore empower patients about taking charge of their oral hygiene, providing them with information as to how to care for their smiles properly and what to do if problems should arise.

  • Pediatric treatments

These professionals know how to work with children and address their dental issues while ensuring they feel comfortable throughout each appointment.

  • Preventative care

One of the primary duties of our family dentist in Windsor is to aid patients in the prevention of infections, cavities, and broken teeth, as well as more serious conditions like gum disease. Cleanings, check-ups, and fluoride applications are common treatments.

  • Restorative care

Whether you have gaps in your smile, worn down teeth, or jaw dysfunction, seeking out family dentistry can remedy these challenges and more. Your dentist can provide you with dental crowns, implants, and bridges amongst other prosthetics.

  • Cosmetic care

Patients who want a brighter smile can visit their family dentist to receive teeth whitening or porcelain veneers. Such services will not only improve the look of your teeth but your self-confidence too!

Regular visits to your local dentist are essential to maintain optimal oral health; in turn, you’ll save yourself from having to pay for costlier procedures and headaches.

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