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Kids, teens, and adults can all get orthodontic treatment if they’re interested in improving their smile. Invisalign is a great option to consider if this applies to you, as it produces reliable and beautiful results.

Our team here at MC Dental offers Invisalign as a form of clear aligner therapy. To learn more about this, we encourage you to contact our dentist near you – they look forward to your call!

Invisalign in LaSalle

How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign trays work similarly to traditional metal braces, as they exert constant pressure on the patient’s teeth, encouraging them to shift position over an extended. This pressure stimulates bone movement, eventually leading to a brand-new smile. In order to get the best results – and results that last – patients need to wear their trays for a minimum of 22 hours each day and attend regular checkups with their dentist in LaSalle.

Breaking Down the Process

Described below is how the Invisalign treatment usually goes. If you have questions or concerns, please talk to a dentist near you.

  1. Consultation – First, you will need to be approved for this process. Patients with severe smile issues are usually advised to get metal arch wires and brackets instead. X-rays will be done, and your mouth will be physically examined.
  2. Treatment Plan – Your dentist will work with you to establish a treatment plan that satisfies your needs and preferences. They’ll take impressions of your smile to develop trays that fit over your top and bottom rows of teeth. Biocompatible dental plastic is the material of choice.
  3. Wearing Your Aligners – Once your aligners are ready, your dentist in LaSalle will give you your first pair. You must wear them every day, but you can take them out at mealtimes and when you brush and floss.
  4. Regular Checkups – Every few weeks, you’ll meet with your dentist so they can monitor your progress and provide you with a new set of trays. Each subsequent pair will feel tighter and a bit different than before, but you’ll get used to them in no time. Such differences mean that your teeth are continually moving as planned.
  5. Completion – The average length of orthodontic treatment lasts between 12 months to 2 years, but it varies from person to person. Your dentist will speak with you about this in detail. Most patients are given a retainer to wear at night once they’ve completed the process to help maintain their results.

Overall, Invisalign is very popular due to the beautiful results that it provides. In addition, it is much more discreet and comfortable compared to traditional methods. It is still important to follow any instructions given to you, eat a balanced diet, and clean your teeth at least twice a day. If you run into any problems along the way, talk to a dentist near you so they can address them promptly.

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